Wedding lessons

Wedding lessons

At Enchanted Ballroom, we know how special your first dance as a married couple is.

Your first dance should be unique and special, perhaps fun, classic or understated. Most importantly, it should be you. Our professional dance instructors will be happy and honored to help you make that first dance memorable! We love working with wedding couples, knowing that we are part of the preparations for the beginning of your married life together. We are here for you.

Enchanted Ballroom Dance Studio is offering wedding dance programs that are customized and will address your needs and desires. We can cover all situations and wishes: You would like to focus on that first dance only. You want it to be spectacular or you prefer some simple, basic moves instead. Maybe you think ahead of being able to enjoy the dance floor throughout the whole wedding? You are in need of First Dance for Bridal Party, Father-Daughter, Mother-Son dance? We can help with all that.

We offer you a FREE 30 minutes Wedding Consultation during which we will go over some basic questions in order to plan the perfect choreography for you. The things we take under consideration are all discussed during our consultation. We will go over the type and size of the dance floor, type of music, dress, shoes, props. If you haven’t chosen your song yet, we can help by giving educated suggestions. At the end of the consultation your Wedding Specialist will have a clear plan, designed according to your specific needs.

Your private dance lessons will be informative, yet fun. You will have the time of your life learning a new exciting skill together. We will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident, dancing gracefully on your big day! All the eyes will be on you anyway, let us help you build your self-esteem as you dance the night away. All you need to do is to contact us and schedule your FREE Wedding Consultation.

“Marriage is a dance between two people, to a song they hold in their hearts, whose melody may at times be a whisper, yet never fades away.”