Private Lessons

Our personalized 1 on 1 dance lessons are the fastest way to learn and progress.

You have all the attention to your instructor during the lesson, which will allow you to take the best out of it. The lessons are scheduled in convenient for you time.


Why learning how to dance with Private Lessons? Here is what Private Lessons can do for you:
Great confidence on the dance floor.
There is way more information involved in dancing than we can convey in a 40 minute Group Class session. During our tailored Private Lessons at the Enchanted Ballroom our teachers can give you so much better & more specific information, explained in a easy manner that you understand, which will allow you to assimilate the material faster. Remember everyone learns differently, that’s nothing new. Learning is a complicated concept as everyone is unique in their own way, and learns in their own way and speed as well. That said, it is still very much possible to classify a learning style into one of seven categories. Perhaps you fall into one of the following:
1. Visual: These people prefer to use pictures, images, diagrams, colors, and mind maps.
2. Physical: These are the “learn by doing” people that use their body to assist in their learning. Drawing diagrams, using physical objects, or role playing are all strategies of the Physical learner.
3. Aural: People who prefer using sound (obviously), rhythms, music, recordings, clever rhymes, and so on.
4. Verbal: The verbal learner is someone who prefers using words, both in speech and in writing to assist in their learning. They make the most of word based techniques, scripting, and reading content aloud.
5. Logical: The people who prefer using logic, reasoning, and “systems” to explain or understand concepts. They aim to understand the reasons behind the learning, and have a good ability to understand the bigger picture.
6. Social: These people are the ones who enjoy learning in groups or with other people, and aim to work with others as much as possible.
7. Solitary: The solitary learner prefers to learn alone and through self-study.
In reality, we all probably fall into each category, depending on the learning that is taking place.
So whatever is easy for one, can be challenging for another, whatever works for someone, is not always going to work for someone else. It is the job of you instructor to get to know you and what works best for you, and to present the material in a way that is going to be understandable for you. On a Group Class that is challenging and less realistic.
Feel the music.
For some, staying on-beat can be a very challenging thing when first starting to dance. A few of us can’t even find the beat! Personalized coaching can help train your ear to listen to the beat, move to it, and find better ways to express yourself to the music.
Follow or Lead any move with ease.
Do you find yourself trying to ‘lead’ a move and your partner doesn’t seem to ‘follow’? Do you have a hard time understanding what your lead is trying to tell you? Does your dance experience consist of ‘yanking and pulling’? We can fix that.
Achieve your dream!
Whether you have always wanted to perform and compete, or whether you simply want to be super comfortable on the dance floor enjoying the music – Private lessons can get you to your goals.
In a private dance lesson, the teacher is afforded the opportunity to see everything the student is doing and is likely to have an opinion on it. For anything beyond basic social dancing, private dance lessons are an absolute necessity.

No partner? No problem.
The type of individualized dance instruction we offer does not require a partner, however you are welcome to bring one! You have the option of either a male or female as your instructor. All lessons are based on the world recognized DVIDA dance syllabus for Smooth, Rhythm, Standard and Latin dance!

Our experienced professional dance instructors will make sure to personalize 1-on-1 dance lessons which will be the fastest way for you to learn and progress. You have all the attention to your instructor during the lesson, which will allow you to take the best out of it. We at the Enchanted Ballroom Dance Studio will make it our priority to offer you exceptional service by planning and designing your program with the right amount of comfort and challenge, to keep our focus on teaching you how to dance, while having fun and keeping the atmosphere friendly. The lessons are scheduled in convenient for you time. All you need to do is give us a call or fill up our form :