Nikolay Georgiev (Niki)

Studio Co-Owner, Dance Director

Niki was born and raised in Ruse, Bulgaria. His passion for dancing started at the young age of 6 and has never stopped. From the age of 9 till 15 he consecutively placed as a finalist in numerous national competitions. During his teen years he was honored to be chosen to join the thirteen time Bulgarian National Latin Formation Team Champions, with which he represented his country in both European and World Championships for the next seven years. He then became a finalist in several open international competitions in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark.

In 2007 he and his dance partner Hrisi, were selected to join a world casting for a major dance production first in Turkey and later in South Korea. They spent the next 6 years performing in multi-million dollar productions as well as teaching Ballroom and Latin dancing to people of all ages.

Niki and Hrisi arrived to the United States with big visions of bringing joy and happiness by teaching and sharing their vast knowledge of their passion. The couple began to teach Social and Competitive dance and have earned great success in Regional competitions. They’ve achieved the highest award at National competitive levels with their students.

Niki thinks that dance is a beautiful combination of sport and art! As Niki likes to say, “Teaching is a work of Heart!”