Zhivko Yankov

Zhivko was born in Bulgaria, at 4 years old he fell in love with dancing, he showed natural talent and a flair for dance. His dedication and commitment to his passion brought great results.
Zhivko has won and championed more than 10 National Competitions in Bulgaria, this was the beginning of his successful dance career. He was given the opportunity to join the Bulgarian, Latin national formation team, he was crucial to the success of his team, which became five times national champion and finalist in European Latin Formation championship in 2006 in Vienna.
Throughout Zhivko dance career his passion and love of dancing became even stronger and he decided to continue his success in the top dance studio in London, England. Mr. Yankov was the most successful due to his calm and professional manner he enabled students to achieve and perform to the best of their ability.
Zhivko’s teaching style is based on a belief and an idea that dancing is treatment for the soul, his sensitive approach and knowledge of dance has helped many students achieve great results in dance, confidence and inspired students to deal with and overcome personal struggles.


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