Where to dance in Naples, Florida

Dance instructors in Enchanted Ballroom Bonita Springs highly encourage students to take their dancing skills to other avenues outside of the dance classroom. This is not only to display your dancing prowess, but also to enjoy it more with new people that you can meet and be friends.

There are a lot of venues where you can show off your dancing skills and you must.  When in Naples to visit family and friends or to attend a gathering or celebration like weddings, parties, birthdays and family reunions—these very occasions are best venues to hit the dance floor. Dance into groovy music with friends and family or offer to give a special surprise for the couple/celebrant/host through a dance number. You will surely be loved.

If you are in Naples, Florida for a trip or vacation, you may want to visit some clubs and restaurants that offer dining, drinking, music, and dancing.  Although there are not much dancing venues in Naples for people 40 and above, you may want to visit and take a peek, and decide if it gets you in the mood to dance. Here are some of the following:

  • Handsome Harry’s

Handsome Harry’s offers live entertainment where you can dance to your heart’s content.

  • Tommy Bahama

Aside from good food, you can also dance to the music from the live band.  A great experience for those who want to taste the best of Naples.

  • Stoney’s Steak House

This is not a club, but a restaurant. Yet, they provide live entertainment every Thursdays to Sundays which they claim to have dancing. So, this might just be the place for you.

  • Vision and Ultra Lounge

This is the real clubs in Naples, Fl. If you are in the mood for modern music and dance your way with people in their 20’s, these clubs are definitely perfect.

Wherever you want to show your dancing skills is not important, the important thing is that you show it.  Naples, Florida or any place in the state will always make a good dancing venue—it’s not the place, it’s the groove!