Portrait of elderly couple enjoying dance together Dancing in Bonita Springs for Brain Health

More than just the dazzling movement of the steps or the glorious artistry on stage or on the dance floor, dancing in Bonita Springs provides more benefits to the dancer in ways that many would think to be unimaginable. Apart from being a very effective tool in improving a person’s confidence, well-being and intrapersonal skills, and of course motor skills, dancing has been found out to have significant positive effects to the brain.

Studies conducted by experts and researchers around the globe reveal that regular dancing improves the cognitive ability of an individual. A report from the New England Journal Medicine has outlined the effects of recreational activities, such as dancing on mental acuity in aging.

The study reported the following:

Dancing frequently significantly reduces the risk of dementia in senior citizen 75 years old and above.
Persons who dance gain greater cognitive reserve and increased complexity of neuronal synapses.
Improves decision making abilities as dancing requires split- second, rapid-fire, decision making.
Dancing integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical, and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity.
This benefit is greatly enhanced by dancing with different partners, not always with the same fellow. With different dance partners, you have to adjust much more and be aware of more variables. This is great for staying smarter longer.
Those who fully utilize their intelligence in dancing, at all levels, love the way it feels. Spontaneous leading and following both involve entering a flow state. Both leading and following benefit from a highly active attention to possibilities.

These mental benefits can also be acquired by younger people. It is best to start dancing in Bonita Springs early in life and continue on as an adult. Whether as a recreational activity, a hobby, or a sport or career, dancing will give you advantages you can certainly benefit from.