We are looking for ambitious, out-going, career minded individuals.

At Enchanted Ballroom, we will help you learn to be a super dance instructor. We will train you; no experience necessary, but preferred.

A day at our job is never the same; music, dancing, laughing with people of all ages and walks of life, all the while keeping ourselves fit and trim through the wonderful aerobic exercise of dance. It is pure bliss and fun!

Our instructors get to travel, do shows and competitions and get paid for it! Dancing is the dream job!

Does this sound interesting to you, then ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you love working with people?

2. Do you like to travel?

3. Would you adore a life long career that is ever changing, learning and growing?

4. Would you like a career in the field of dance?

5. Would you love to dance and teach fun loving people?

6. Would you like to never do hard labor again?

7. Would you love to be athletic, not sedentary?

8. Would you like to have a prestigious job?

9. Would you love to be the envy of all other guys and gals on and off the dance floor?

If you answered yes to these questions, then contact us at (239) 908-9492, we are waiting to hear from you!

The Enchanted Ballroom Bonita